3 Tips For Keeping Your Hearing Aid In Top Shape

Hearing aids add a layer to life's experiences by enhancing your ability to hear. Technology has come a long way, and while hearing aids cannot restore hearing loss, they can help amplify the hearing ability you already possess. Like any other medical device, a hearing aid requires proper daily care in order to continue working properly. You need to keep your hearing aid clean and store it properly in order for it to keep working. Here are three tips for keeping your hearing aid in top shape.

Clean out earwax effectively and safely.

Excess earwax can make using your hearing aid more complicated than it needs to be. The best thing you can do is manage the amount of earwax in your ear canal by keeping your ears clean. You should avoid using q-tips in your ear canal, as this just compacts earwax and makes it harder to remove. Q-tips should be reserved for cleaning the external structures of the ears only. You can try putting baby oil or over-the-counter drops in your ears to soften wax and let it fall out. You may also try ear irrigation at home, which consists of directing a gentle stream of water into your ear canal to loosen any wax.

Keep your hearing aid off the vanity while getting ready.

When you are applying cosmetics or hair products, you want to make sure that your hearing aid is out of sight. Cosmetics and hair products can clog up your hearing aid. Do all of your grooming and getting ready before putting in your hearing aid. To add an extra layer of protection, make sure that you thoroughly wash and dry your hands before handling your hearing aid. You should also exercise similar care when you are applying lotion or sunscreen.

Store your hearing aid in a dry place when not in use.

You should also leave your hearing aid in a cool, dry area while you are not using it, as this helps to keep it from warping in the heat and losing its shape. You may want to look into getting a hearing aid dehumidifier. Especially during the very hot months, a dehumidifier helps to keep your hearing aid safe from humidity in your environment. It can also be helpful to have if you are prone to sweating. Never leave your hearing aid in a hot, parked car. Always carry it with you, preferably in a clean carrying case.

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